WordPress is a most popular blogging and content management system currently being used by many bloggers. You might be surprised to know that WordPress is well-known for its famous 5 minutes installation. In most of the cases, installing WordPress takes less than five minutes to complete. Using WordPress, you can not only build a blog but also any type of website. This article will explain to you how easy it is to install WordPress to get your blog / website up and running.

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Before building your WordPress site, you need to make a decision of where you are going to host your self-hosted WordPress site. A web hosting is where you are going to install WordPress and store all the files. Most of the web hosting companies now offering a 1-click installer(Simplescripts, Softaculous etc) to make the WordPress installation even easy for you.

In this article, we will try to include all the possible options that are available to install WordPress. Our goal is to provide in-depth WordPress installation guide for beginners and advanced users alike.

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Things you need to have

Before starting with the WordPress installation, here are few things you will want to have on hand

  • Domain name and web hosting
  • If you are a newbie and looking for a WordPress hosting provider, we highly recommend that you sign-up with InmotionHosting because they offer a FREE domain name (worth $14.99) and an exclusive 47% off their business hosting plan(only for BlogTemplate4U readers).

  • Access to your web server
  • This is the web server that you have purchased from hosting provider and usually accessed via FTP or SSH.

  • Text editor
  • These are the text editor(syntax highlighter) softwares which you can use to make changes to configuration and theme files. ex. Notepad++

  • FTP Client
  • FTP client is a software installable on your computer which uses the FTP protocal to transfer files to and from a remote computer. ex. FileZilla

Automated installation

Although it is very easy to install WordPress manually, you can now use an option of autoinstallers typically available from hosting providers and your WordPress blog will be ready with a click of the button.

Autoinstallers are the scripts that automates the installation of web applications like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc. Using autoinstaller is not just easy, it is a valuable time saver because it automates many tedious tasks such as uploading software files, creating a database and installing the software.

The most popular autoinstallers available are as below:-

How to install WordPrss using Softaculous

Softaculous is an auto installer script for leading control panels like CPanel, Plesk, and directAdmin. Typically web hosting companies install Softaculous on their servers to provider 1-click web application installer to customers.

InmotionHosting is one of the many web hosting companies that offers 1-click WordPress installation using Softaculous and it is FREE with every shared hosting accounts. You can locate this tool when you login to your cPanel as shown in the below screenshot.

Autoinstaller Softaculous

After clicking on the Sofaculous icon, you will be presented with all the available software's for 1-click installation including WordPress. Click on WordPress script which comes under “Blogs” category and hit “Install WordPress Now” button as highlighted below.

WordPress on Softaculous

In the next step, you will be asked to fill some important details about your website.

  • Choose the domain name for which you would like to install WordPress
  • Leave “In Directory” field blank if you want it to be on main domain(recommended)
  • Database name and table prefix fields are auto populated, you can change the text if you would like. We highly recommend that you change the table prefix default value wp_ to something like wp_randomtext. This puts some editional security on your site.
  • Enter site name, description and leave “Enable Multisite” box unchecked unless you know what you are doing.
  • In Admin Account section, enter username(don't use “admin” for security purpose), strong password, email-id and click install

WordPress Softaculous Setup

Within a minute, your WordPress website will be installed and ready use. To get into WordPress dashboard, go to http://yoursite.com/admin and enter admin account information. Once you are in the admin dashboard, you can start creating your first post, installing themes & plugins, uploading images, and many other things.

How to install WordPress using SimpleScripts (Mojo Marketplace)

Like Saftaculous, SimpleScripts also allows web hosting companies to offer 1-click web application installer. It works seamlessly with the top control panels such as cPanel, Plesk, and Interworx. Web hosting providers install SimpleScripts on their servers to provider easy 1-click option to customers.

BlueHost is one of the web hosting provider offers 1-click installer using SimpleScripts(it is called Mojo Marketplace now). You can locate the one-click option when you are logged into BlueHost control panel.

SimpleScripts is now Mojo Marketplace

Now click on WordPress from Blogs category and choose a brand new install.

SimpleScripts WordPress Setup

In the next page, choose a domain name on which you want to install WordPress. In the text field next to the domain, you can enter subfolder option such as ‘blog' if you want to separate any part of the site in a subfolder. Leave this field blank unless you know what you are doing.

Select Domain SimpleScripts Mojo

In the last step, select check box “Show Advanced Options”, fill all the details and click Install Now. As stated earlier, don't use “admin” as a username and make sure the password is strong enough to guess.

SimpleScripts Mojo WordPress Install

In a couple of seconds, your WordPress website will be installed using SimpleScripts. Now you can login to WordPress dashboard using admin login URL (http://yoursite.com/admin) and login credentials. The WordPress dashboard is where you will be creating your posts, pages, uploading images and customizing the look.

Manuall installation

Manually Installing WordPress is also an easy process and known as famous 5 minutes install. Yes, you can install it within 5 minutes of time if you already have some knowledge about FTP client, notepad, CPanel and web server.

Here are the below quick steps to follow:-

  • Download WordPress
  • Download and unzip latest WordPress package.

    Download Button WordPress

  • Upload files to web server
  • Upload all the files/folders within unzipped WordPress directory to the desired location on your web server (Most of the cases it would be /public_html/ directory on your web server).

    Upload Files to Web Server using Filezilla source:- InmotionHosting

  • Create a Database connection
  • Create a database and MySql user for WordPress from your cPanel.

    create database and mysql user source:- SiteGround

  • Run the install
  • Now access your website URL to run the WordPress installation and click on the button shown on the page to create a configuration file(wp-config.php).

    WordPress Setup Enter Database Connection Details

  • That's all! WordPress should now be installed and available for you to log-in and start blogging.


What Next? check out our list of essential things you need to do after installing WordPress. We hope that you found our WordPress installation steps informative and easy to follow. I would be very pleased if you share this article on the social network and put your comment or send us an email(using our contact page) if you have any queries relating to it.

Finally don't forget to check out our list of best web hosting providers and blogger to WordPress migration steps if you are planning to switch from Blogger platform.

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