Web hosting is a key part of any website. The success of your website matters on how well the web hosting servers are optimized, reliable and secure. It is like a brain of a human from where daily activities – action and reaction takes place. It helps in storing the information and processing them whenever requested.

There are many types of WordPress hosting available now a days such as shared, VPS, dedicated, managed and cloud hosting.

Choosing a WordPress hosting is a tricky thing and can lead to unnecessary expenditure on what you don't require. In this article, we will help you to choose best WordPress hosting provider for your website.

What are the hosting requirements for WordPress website ?

Some of the requirements to run a WordPress website on any server is as below. They should be pre-installed in order to host your website.

  • PHP 5.4 or greater
  • MySQL 5.5 or greater
  • The mod_rewrite Apache module

Due to WordPress popularity and its light-weight core functionality, almost all the web hosting provider comes with an option of 1-click WordPress install. This means you can install and setup your WordPress blog in a matter of click. All the hosting provider we have listed in this article comes with this option.

Know your requirements before purchasing any WordPress hosting ?

So, as you are searching for a best WordPress hosting, you must be knowing your plans and requirements for your website. Whether it is for a personal or to open a business website, there are different types of WordPress hosting to choose between – Shared, VPS, Dedicated, Managed and Cloud WordPress hosting. Accordingly you need to choose the best WordPress hosting option that fits your need and this can save some dollars.

Shared WordPress Hosting

Shared hosting is nothing but sharing a server with many websites. This is the best hosting option one can afford and best choice for starters and new users. As many websites are hosted on a single server, hosting provider can offer you the plan at a much affordable price. One thing to point out here is, the server resources (CPU, RAM etc) are shared across all the website hosted on it and if any one website starts using more resources, it will have negative impact on other websites. The hosting providers usually monitors the servers and they will immediately take down such a websites to offer better services to the customers.

Shared WordPress hosting is the best choice for small businesses and starters. We recommend InmotionHosting for shared WordPress hosting.

VPS WordPress Hosting

VPS WordPress hosting is very much similar to shared hosting in which a server is partitioned and allocated a definitive CPU resources for each user. So still you are in a shared environment but you will be getting a defined amount of RAM and CPU resources which other users cannot use. Don't buy this if you are not a tech savvy or you can hire somebody who manages your VPS hosting.

VPS hosting is the best choice for medium sized business, developers and designers.

Dedicated WordPress Hosting

Dedicated WordPress hosting is the one where you will be getting a physical server from hosting provider. This will gives you full access to the server where you can decide which OS to install, choice of RAM and CPU. If you don't have system admin knowledge, i would recommend you to get managed dedicated hosting instead.

Dedicated WordPress hosting is required for very high traffic websites.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Some web hosting providers offering a managed WordPress hosting where they will manage all the aspects of your website. They will take care off everything – from optimization to performance improvement, security, regular backups and even they will advise you if any plugins and themes are having any negative impact.

Managed WordPress hosting is recommended for those who do not have technical knowledge side of thing and who don't want to manage their server, which is time consuming. We recommend WPEngine for managed WordPress hosting.

Cloud WordPress Hosting

Cloud WordPress hosting is a method of configuring a server in a flexible way. So you will be building and deploying the server in whatever way you like on the cloud. It is most affordable, reliable and scalable web environment.

Cloud WordPress hosting is the best choice for everybody need – from beginner to high end traffic blogs. BlogTemplate4U runs on a cloud hosting by DigitalOcean. Sign up with this link and get $10 credit instantly to launch your first server/droplet. Don't hesitate to contact us in case you need any help with setting up the droplet.

Choose the best WordPress hosting

We have gone through all the options that we have for web hosting. So its time for you to pick one. We have hand-picked these list of best WordPress hosting provider. Each of these provide excellent service and customer support.


Inmotionhosting Reviews InmotionHosting is one of the leading WordPress hosting provider. It is well known for its business class hosting with top notch customer support, business-class hardware and industry leading 99.9% uptime. You can able to select your datacenter(Max Speed Zone on East and West coast) while registering to the hosting plan. Hosting plans include SSD, FREE Domain, FREE 1-click WordPress installer, FREE data backup and more. Get Up to 47% OFF on InmotionHosting Business Hosting plans.


siteground-logo SiteGround is well known web hosting provider. They love WordPress and crafted WordPress hosting with care. They offer custom made solutions to make your website secure and better optimized. Some of the feature includes – free domain, excellent technical support, free CDN, SuperCacher, WP-CLI enabled, Git pre-installed, WordPress staging, 1-click WordPress installer and 99.9% uptime. Sign-up with SiteGround WordPress Hosting to get 60% OFF on shared hosting plan.


dreamhost-logo DreamHost is one of the award winning web hosting provider. Some of feature includes – 1-click WordPress installation, 97 day money back guarantee, 100% uptime, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email account and unlimited space on SSD which makes your website 200% faster. Get $50 off on DreamHost WordPress hosting plan today.


wpengine-logo WPEngine is well known for its managed WordPress hosting. It provides top notch technology such as powerful security, best-in-class customer support and speed. Some of it feature includes – custom made EVERCACHE, SSL ready, CDN ready, 1-click restore point, firewall, malware scan and daily backups. Get 2 months of FREE hosting with WPEninge.


digitalocean-logo DigitalOcean is one of the leading cloud hosting provider. The hosting offering is simple and built for designers/developers. You can deploy your own cloud server in 55 seconds. The pricing structure is simple and affordable, so you are going to pay for what you actually use. BlogTemplate4U runs on DigitalOcean droplet and we are very much happy with the service provided by Digitalocean. Get $10 DigitalOcean FREE credit to deploy your cloud server today.

FREE WordPress Installation and Setup

In order for us to provide you with this excellent service, we require users to sign-up with our preferred web hosting partners. In this way you get the quality web hosting, free installation service from us and we get commission from the web hosting provider for referring a new customer.

Simply sign-up with any one of the best WordPress hosting provider listed above using the link provided and get in touch using the below form. Please include the order receipt from hosting provider and any additional information in your message. The below things will be taken care for FREE.

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  • Installation of WordPress on your Hosting account
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Good luck with choosing best WordPress hosting provider. I have tried/tested fair amount of web hosting providers and above list includes some top leading provider in the hosting industry on whom we can rely on. I know the task of selecting best hosting provider is a painful task and hope i have made your task little bit easy for you.